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What is Somatic Guidance?

Updated: May 20

Hands on healing to address the great need for trauma and attachment-informed touch based support in our very touch-starved culture.  In this work, I offer a long list of options including cuddling, touch games like the three minute game, experiential education on the Wheel of Consent, games, and more.  Do you just need to curl up into my lap and have me pet your hair while I lovingly say sweet affirmations to you?  Want to get your back scratched while you lie comfortably on my massage table?  Want to sit on my meditation cushion while I sit behind you and comb or braid your hair or give you a scalp massage with essential oils?  These are just a few examples among many.

Neurodivergent folks will appreciate that I have lists of ideas and a card deck to sift through that aid the process of deciding what the possible options are, including the option in later sessions after trust is built to be able to have completely non-verbal sessions from start to finish.

For clients hoping to supplement their work in therapy, I love coordinating with therapists if needed or taking attachment themes you might be working on and designing exercises and activities to aid in secure attachment. All of my Somatic Guidance sessions are 100% platonic and non-sexual, offering a safe container for folks to explore supportive, nurturing touch in a mindful way that can inform explorations they have outside of my office.  Learning to deeply, mindfully receive platonic touch in our sessions can be a transformational experience to be able to embody a new way of connecting to oneself and others.

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